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事情往往是这样:一篇冗长的讲道,听起来就是在绕圈子(严格地说,就是所谓“一点”的讲道,强行掰成了10点,贴上了50页PPT),但为了让讲道变得“充实”(其实是不必要的挑战听众的耐心),不知不觉启动了飞行模式。忍不住要附和以赛亚:“How Long!Lord!How Long!”——主啊,这到几时为止呢?他说:直到城邑荒凉,无人居住,房屋空閒无人,地土极其荒凉。

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“Because, son. We were born Americans, but in the wrong place,” he replied.
My father said that as naturally as if I had asked him what was the color of the sky. It was so obvious to him why we should head for America. There was really no other option in his mind. What was obvious to him, unfortunately, took me nearly 20 years to learn.