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On October 31, 2022, in a Federal courthouse in Washington, DC, Graydon Young testified against Stewart Rhodes and other members of the Oath Keepers militia group. The defendants had been charged with seditious conspiracy against the United States and other crimes related to the January 6, 2021, attack on Congress.
2022年10月31日,在华盛顿特区的一个联邦法院,格雷顿-杨作证指控斯图尔特-罗兹和其他守誓者准军事组织(the Oath Keepers militia group)成员。被告被指控犯有针对美国的煽动性阴谋以及与2021年1月6日袭击国会有关的其他罪行。

 In his testimony that day, Young explained to the jury how he and other Oath Keepers were provoked to travel to Washington by President Donald Trump’s tweets and by Trump’s false claims that the 2020 Presidential election was “stolen” from him. And, in emotional testimony, Young acknowledged what he and others believed they were doing on January 6th: attacking Congress in the manner the French had attacked the Bastille at the outset of the French Revolution. Reflecting on that day more than a year and half later, Young testified:
在当天的证词中,杨向陪审团解释了他和其他守誓者是如何被唐纳德-特朗普总统的推文以及特朗普关于2020年总统选举被 “偷走 “的虚假说法所激动,前往华盛顿的。在情绪激动的作证中,杨承认他和其他人在1月6日行事的想法,以为他们攻击国会类似于法国大革命开始时法国人攻击巴士底狱。在一年半之后,当他回顾那一天时,杨作证说:

Prosecutor: And so how do you feel about the fact that you were pushing towards a line of police officers?

Young: Today I feel extremely ashamed and embarrassed.…

Prosecutor: How did you feel at the time?

Young: I felt like, again, we were continuing in some kind of historical event to achieve a goal.

* * *

Prosecutor: Looking back now almost two years later, what would that make you as someone who was coming to D.C. to fight against the government?

Young: I guess I was [acting] like a traitor, somebody against my own government.

Young’s testimony was dramatic, but not unique. Many participants in the attack on the Capitol acknowledged that they had betrayed their own country:

• Reimler: “And I’m sorry to the people of this country for threatening the democracy that makes this country so great…My participation in the events that day were part of an attack on the rule of law.”



The Case for Christian Nationalism,作者是司提反沃尔夫,一位硬核加尔文主义者。给他捧场的当然是白人种族主义者Douglas WilsonAndrew Torba之流。

对了,托尔巴(Torba)先生也写了一本讨论基督教国家主义的小书,Christian Nationalism: A Biblical Guide For Taking Dominion And Discipling Nations。推荐辞是谁写的?当然也是Douglas Wilson



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