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神学翻译杂谈(39)|As Much As In You Lies

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据说,加尔文在注释彼得前书5章2节时,对”务要牧养你们中间神的群羊“有一个说明,”as much as in you lies“。


It is a solemn challenge; how could they neglect or abuse God’s flock that is “under your care” (en humin, literally, “among you”). The phrase, placed attributively between the article and the noun, points to a close characteristic relation between the shepherds and the sheep. Calvin interpreted the expression to mean “as much as in you lies.” It is more natural to give it a local force, “the flock among you”—those committed to their care. They were not to be absentee lords, but actively work with the flock around them.
Bold: [John Calvin, The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews and the First and Second Epistles of St. Peter, p. 316.]





The words, as much as it is in you, mean the same as though he had said, “Apply all your strength to this very thing, and whatever power God has conferred on you.” The old interpreter has given this rendering, “Which is among you;” and this may be the sense of the words: more correct, however, is the rendering of Erasmus, which I have followed, though I do not reject nor disapprove of the other. 

所以,加尔文认为希腊语的ἐν ὑμῖν,意思是竭尽全力

然后我就找到了ASV的罗马书 12:18,If it be possible, as much as in you lieth, be at peace with all men. 然后,我就只好叹息,罗马书用的可是ἐξ ὑμῶν,这一进一出的差异还是很大吧。


把ἐν ὑμῖν理解为”as much as in you lies“,大概是一种以“JD”为中心(隐密的寓意解经)的前身吧。整整耗费了我一个小时的时间,最后就从和合本抄了四个字,“总要尽力”。

无所事事,随意吐槽。对了,加尔文老师在推荐烧死塞维塔斯时,用的利未记 24:16,“不管是寄居的是本地人……”。他虽然没有亲自动手,但他的释经在日内瓦影响力重大。他为日内瓦教会争取到了独立开革任何人(包括市长和议员)的权力,大多数时候,议会应该不会违逆加尔文老师发表的神学专家意见吧。


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