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有一本书名叫“The Myth of Multitasks——How “Do it all” Gets Nothing Done. 


Many religious, on days of devotion, for example, during the novena of the Nativity, of the Holy Ghost, and of the Blessed Virgin, practise many exercises of piety, fasts, disciplines, vocal prayers, and similar works of penance. All these are very good; but the best devotion for a religious on such occasions is to perform her ordinary duties with extraordinary perfection. The perfection of an action consists, first, in that it is done through the sole motive of pleasing God; for it is not the external act, but purity of intention, that constitutes perfection. “All the glory of the king‘s daughter is within”(Ps 45:13). The perfection of an action consists, secondly, in doing it well; that is, with promptness, attention, and exactness. The following are the means of performing our actions well……

1. The first means is to preserve during the discharge of your duties a lively sense of the presence of God, that thus every act may be worthy of his divine eyes. (做任何事情时,保守与神同在的感觉。随时意识到神在看着我们)

2. The second means is, to perform every work as if it were the only duty you had to fulfil. When at prayer, let your sole care be to pray well; when you say the divine Office, direct all your attention to the devout recitation of it; when engaged in any employment enjoined by obedience, your sole concern should be to discharge it well. Think of nothing but the duty in which you are occupied. To examine, during the time of prayer, how you will execute a certain command, or how you will direct a certain work, or to reflect on the means of performing any other duty, is a temptation of the enemy. ” When,” says Father M. Avila, ” any unreasonable thought enters your mind, say: God does not will that I think at this moment on such a subject; and therefore it is not useful for me to reflect upon it: when he commands me, I shall attend to it.” (专注,仿佛手中的事就是你必须完成的唯一一件事

3. The third means is, to perform every action as if it were the last of your life. St. Anthony frequently recommended this means to his disciples. ” In every work,” says St. Bernard, “let each one say to himself: If I were about to die, would I do this?” 1 Would I do it in this manner? Were this the last Mass that I should hear, with what devotion would I be present at it? Were this the last office that I should recite, with what attention would I say it! Were this my last Communion or my last meditation, with what fervor would I perform it! When, says St. Basil, you discharge the duties of the morning, imagine that you shall not live till evening; when night approaches, think that you shall not see the morning. It is related of a certain Dominican, who was accustomed to go to confession every morning before he offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, that, being seized with a serious malady, his Superior commanded him to prepare for death by a good confession. The good religious raised his hands to heaven and exclaimed: Blessed be God, I have confessed every day for the last thirty years, as if I were to die suddenly. Blessed, says the Redeemer, is that servant, whom, when his Lord shall come, he shall find so doing. And happy the religious whom, should death come suddenly upon her, Jesus Christ, her judge, shall find performing the duty in which she may be engaged, as if she knew it to be the last of her life. (把每件事都视为此生要完成的最后一件事

4. To think each day only on the labors of the day, is another means which greatly assists weak souls to discharge their duties with fervor. The apprehension of the pains to be endured, in living till death with so much exactness, and in continually resisting self-love, is one of the causes which make many lose courage in the way of God. The best means of conquering this temptation is, to imagine each morning that you have but one day to live. Whoever represents to himself that only one day of life remains, will certainly perform all the actions of that day with great perfection. This means is very profitable to weak souls; but strong and perfect Christians do not require to conceal from themselves the labors necessary for the attainment of sanctity; they rejoice in suffering, and pant for opportunities of pleasing god. (一天只想一天的工作,无需忧虑太多



顺便说一下,Fully Presence将是今年下半年的Ministry Leadership工作坊的重要训练课题之一。

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