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D. Edmond Hiebert 是一位时代论者?


Those in the Reformed tradition have been very successful in making their views known. They have done this not so much through local church outreach, but through literature. Reformed writers have permeated the Christian book market. A great majority of theology books and Bible commentaries are written from a Reformed perspective. Early dispensationalists such as Darby, Kelly and Ironside used the pen in a mighty way and produced volumes of Christ–exalting books, but later dispensationalists have failed to pass on the torch in quite the same way. For example, no present day dispensationalist has come even close to the quantity and quality of work done by Reformed writer William Hendriksen (now with the Lord) in his New Testament Commentaries [although D. Edmond Hiebert, a dear servant of Christ, has made significant contributions in this area]. R.C.Sproul seems to come out with a new book every month!  Most people who are converted to Reformed Theology will admit that they were led to embrace this position as a result of reading certain books. Though we do not agree with all that they write, we acknowledge that they have been diligent in making their positions known through the printed page. [It is interesting that many Reformed men were converted to Christ as a result of dispensationalists and later converted to Reformed Theology as a result of Reformed writers. For example, John Gerstner wrote a book attacking dispensationalism but he admits, “My conversion came about, I believe, through the witness of a dispensationalist” (Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth, page 1).]



改革宗傳統人士很成功地讓人們知道他們的觀點。他們完成這個任務,很少是透過地方教會的推廣,而是透過文學作品。改革宗作者們已經瀰漫滲透了基督教圖書市場。絕大部分的神學書籍和聖經註釋是從改革宗觀點來寫作的。早期的時代論者,例如達秘(Darby)、凱利(Kelly)和艾恩賽德(Ironside)使用筆墨作為一種強而有力的方式大量創作高舉基督的書籍。但後來的時代論者都未能以同樣的方式傳遞火炬。例如,沒有現代的時代論者可以在數量和質量上,能夠接近改革宗作家威廉‧亨德里克森(William Hendriksen,已與主同在)所完成的新約聖經註釋(儘管時代論者愛德蒙‧希伯特(D. Edmond Hiebert),這位基督所愛的僕人,在這個領域有重大的貢獻)。斯普勞爾(R.C.Sproul)似乎每個月出版一本新書!大多數轉變成為接受改革宗神學的人承認,他們會被引導信奉這個神學立場,是閱讀某些書籍的結果。雖然我們不能同意他們寫的所有作品,但我們承認,他們已經勤奮地透過印刷品,讓人們知道他們的立場。(註) 有趣的是,許多改革宗人士是由於時代論者而歸向基督,後來卻是由於改革宗作家而接受改革宗神學。例如,約翰‧格斯特納(John Gerstner)寫了一本書攻擊時代論,但他承認,「我信主的改變,我相信是通過一個時代論者的見證。」(錯誤地分解真理,第1頁)。


好吧,第一次知道D. Edmond Hiebert 是时代论者,而且是一位伟大的时代论者。翻译了这么久,怎么一点感觉也没有,太迟钝了。

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