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2017-04-27 Eddy 轻轨战舰之EddyEmma


后来就和“生命智源”合作,已经翻译了Dr. Edmond Hiebert的“约翰二三书”,“马可福音”和“彼得后书”。

图:D. Edmond Hiebert博士



美亚100% 5星好评:

All of D. Edmond Hiebert commentaries are packed full of meat not fluffy words that anybody can write. His commentaries are a huge blessing to anybody who wants to learn all he can in God’s word!

I really enjoy all of Dr. Hiebert’s commentaries I have read. He has a high view of Scripture and an accurate handling of the Word. His insight is great and his approach is down to earth so it is easy to understand. Would highly recommend.

The late, D. Edmund Hiebert, has done an excellent work which will profit all pastors, teachers and informed Christian laymen as they study the Johannine epistles. Hiebert, who was Professor of New Testament at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, has written a lucid commentary which deals with all aspects of textual, lexical and syntactical difficulties, without sacrificing a clear pastoral tone to it.
The only fault that perhaps is in this work, is that Hiebert seems to stumble over 1 John 1. As can be seen, this chapter helps to illustrate Jesus Christ as God (i.e. the Word, cf. John 1:1), and is used to bring people to understand Christ’s work in the Test’s of Life (as is the theme of 1 John). Beyond that issue, which is minor to say the least), this is an excellent commentary.
If you can have only one commentary on the Johannine epistles, let this be the one (Donald W. Burdick’s The Letters of John the Apostle, is second best. Unfortunately it is out of print).

Stellar! Mr. Hiebert’s work scintillates at all times. Buy this!


Dear Eddy,

I hope this finds you well. 


I have been meaning to write you, but I am just now getting a chance to do so. Eddy I want to express my deepest appreciation for your translation work. I thank the Lord for connecting you to IRC. I know this translation work is extremely difficult, but you have somehow been able to master it. With the quality of the translation you are giving back, we do not need to do another English edit and so after some formatting and editing by Du Laoshi, we are able to put it online. 


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