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Yard Sale

David has a little baby sheep- David也有一个小婴儿

David has a little baby sheep- David也有一个小婴儿

David is training his little baby to use potty. 训练小羊使用马桶

David is training his little baby to use potty. 训练小羊使用马桶


David's helmet,头盔

David’s helmet,头盔


Lisa has a little baby, Lisa的小婴儿

Lisa has a little baby, Lisa的小婴儿

EDM_4072 EDM_4264 EDM_4258 EDM_4250 EDM_4237Emma 上周陪着两个新来的留学生/访问学者去买冬衣。据说他们先去了Department Store,然后转去折扣店TJMax,就发现衣服十分便宜了,然后各自买了一大堆回家。

Emma曾经提议到二手店,但是两位女生都不太有兴致。这就是所谓文化差异吧。在中国似乎没有二手店和Yard Sale一类的东西,至少不像这里标价这样便宜。

Last week, Emma rides two new friends from China to buy some clothing. They went to a department store first and then ended in TJMax and found out everything was cheap there, so they got all they wanted and came back.

Emma suggested them to thrift store, but the other two girls were not interesting. This looks like culture difference. In China no one buys used car, clothing or anything. We don’t have thrift store or yard sale, or not as cheap the price as here.


周六我们去逛一个Yard Sale,一会儿就回家了。因为David玩的时候将衣服打湿了,天气渐凉,怕他感冒,所以没有多留。David的收获是摩托车头盔一顶,最近两天都是抱着入睡,早上醒来就要戴着,今天上学还把头盔留在了车上。

在付钱的时候,David已经把头盔带上了,有个老爷爷问我是否只有手中的两件东西,我就指着David说,还有这个头盔。David睁着大大的眼睛对老爷爷说,“Helmet”,老爷爷很高兴就说”Helmet, I give you.” 所以他没有付钱就拿走了。


Saturday we went to a Yard Sale, but went back soon. David put some water on his clothing and in a deep Autumn day we did not want to risk staying. But David got a Motorcycle helmet, and he held it into sleep these few days and asked for his helmet in the morning, bringing it to school as well.

When we paid those things, David had put the helmet on. An old gentleman asked me if I would only pay for two things, I pointed to David and said ‘one more helmet’. And David with his big eyes, repeated ‘helmet’ in his childish accent, so he got it for free.

I picked a flashlight and a A4 size suitcase for my document. Then Emma said it was not genius leather. Anyway I could not see the difference. One time I bought a bigger one and found out not genius, too. So I refunded it at last.


(Will post some pictures of David and the Helmet later.)

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