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thanksgiving day 感恩节

感恩节假期要到了。明天LPC 教会邀请所有国际学生,USC或者CIU参加传统的感恩节晚宴,吃火鸡。Thanksgiving Day is coming. Tomorrow LPC church invits all international students,  including USC and CIU to their traditional thanksgiving turkey dinner.

明晚我要做5分钟的见证,请大家为了我祷告,能够好好地分享福音的信息给所有的国际学生。I have the chance to do 5 mins testimony, so please pray for me, that I can share Gospel to other international students.


David最近时差没调好,每天不是四点就是五点起来。昨天晚上是1点过折腾到4点。晚上我上系统神学课的时候终于睡着了。David does not adjust well for new time schedule. He wakes up at 4 am or 5am, and this morning he got up at 1 am until 4 am. I finally fell to sleep on the systematical theology class. I may need three days to raise again.

今天换了吃饭的时间,希望能够把David睡觉的时间调整好。We changed the feeding schedule to David, hope we can also adjust his sleep as well.



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