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celebrate the season, celebrate the joy……



the last month is the busiest. As Eliot says, April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing…

But December is more cruel, all the term papers, final exams, and Christmas performance comes.

我们教会的传统节目,singing christmas tree, 今年诗班有130个成员要站在一个大的圣诞树上唱多达200页的各种风格各种态度各种欢乐激动催人泪下的赞美诗。The classical “singing Christmas tree” in our church, this year will have 130 choir members standing on a big tree and singing more than 200 pages every kind of music, hymns, psalms, songs.


Sadly, as a traditional performance, most of the choir members can memorize all the songs, only me and those like me need to memorize all 200 pages.

更悲剧的是,演出的那天,我还有最后一次的周末集中课程——福音书。所以至少我会错过周五晚上的演出。More sadly, in the performance day, I have the last Gospel weekend class. At least I will miss the Friday.

比这个更悲剧的是,我们最后一次福音书的课程讲授的是受难周,我们要唱诗赞美的却是圣诞夜。之纠结呀!But more sadly than this, our last Gospel class will teach “passion week”, even we will sing “Christmas”. My headlocked!


好消息是,以前的SCT演出,一张票要7美元。今年则全部免费。去年一共1万5千人观看了演出,今年估计会更多吧。good news is that this year the performance is free. last year, I heard it’s 7 dollars, but still 15 thousands people came to watch. How many will be this year?

鉴于我有上台忘词跑调抢跑呛气等等各种灾难性表现,请亲们为我祷告一下,这些都不要发生。愿意这演出将大的荣耀归给神。and for I used to forget the words or music or sing too unique in the choir, please pray for me, I will not do all the terrible things and give glory to God.


one child can change the world!!!!

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