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I may well call this a mystical union, because the apostle calls it a great mystery, in an Epistle full of mysteries (Eph. 5:32), intimating that it is eminently great above many other mysteries.

在一封充满奥秘的使徒书信(弗 5:32)中,使徒保罗告诉我们,这乃是“极大的奥秘”,因此,我完全可以称其为一个“奥秘的联合”,表明它比许多其他的奥秘要伟大得多

在一封提到各种奥秘的使徒书信中,使徒保罗告诉我们这乃是“极大的奥秘”(弗 5:32),表明它比许多其他的奥秘要伟大得多,因此,我完全可以称其为“奥秘的联合”。

Here I shall show that the old man, the flesh, or natural state, is not only sin, as some would have it, but it contains in it several things, which I shall name, that make it to be sinful, besides several other things that make it miserable.



One thing belonging to our natural state is the guilt of sin, even of Adam’s first sin, and of the sinful depravation of our nature, and of all our own actual transgressions, and therefore we are by nature the children of wrath (Eph. 2:3) and under the curse of God.

【各种“罪”,guilt of sin, fisrt sin, sinful depravation, transgressions …被迫出动英文。】

犯罪(guilt)是我们的本性。罪的引诱,亚当的原罪,在罪中堕落的人性,以及我们实际所犯下的各种罪行,都让我们担负罪疚(guilt of sin)——因此我们天生就是可怒之子(弗 2:3),在神的咒诅之下。

Have we not cause to judge that the apostle Paul, while he was a zealous Pharisee, and at least some few of the great multitude of the Jews in his time that were zealous of the law and had the instruction of the Holy Scriptures, attained as near to that true holiness as the heathen philosophers, or any others in their natural state?



Our consciences are informed by the common light of natural reason that it is just with God to require us to perform these duties, that we may avoid His wrath and enjoy His favor.



This moves them to account them the only Boanerges and powerful preachers that preach little or none of the doctrine of free grace, but rather spend their pains in rebuking sin and urging people to get Christ and His salvation by their works, and thundering hell and damnation against sinners.




And they might as readily judge sincere obedience to be the condition of justification under the law, as we can judge it to be the condition under the gospel.
【under the law,临近原则,修饰justification,而不是遥远的动词“judge”。】

And the Ten Commandments do not bind us as they were words of that covenant (Exod. 34:28).
十诫也不再作为旧约的条文,继续束缚我们(出 34:28)。
十诫作为旧约的条文,也不再继续束缚我们(出 34:28)。
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