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跟清教徒学英语 | Not … any more than …

And it will not follow from this that a believer is one person with Christ, any more than that Christ is one person with the Father, by that great mystical union.

And we are not ourselves the first makers and formers of our new holy nature, any more than of our original corruption; but both are formed ready for us to partake of them.

But this text is not to be taken exclusively in singing, any more than in prayer (Ps. 38: 18; 2 Chron. 35:25).

And therein we do not lie, any more than the Levites, the sons of Korah, or Jeduthun or other musicians bound to sing them (Ps. 5; 39; 42).

一本书里只有这四处例句。但是仍然值得提出来,免得日后出错。英语里有些句型十分精炼,要想翻译好,还破颇费心思。至少,我的语法检查系统认为,any more 应该修改为anymore.

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